Take Your Presentation Skills From Good to Great

Something we often forget is that the purpose of our presentation is to actually alter the behavior or thinking of our audience.

To really stimulate the emotions, the audience needs:

1. Movement
2. Interaction
3. The movement of your voice
4. Suitable eye contact and congruent gestures

There are three reasons why you may be saying px7 primal flow reviews to yourself that this is impossible to learn:

1. You don’t believe you can change
2. You have done training and it has not made a difference (reinforcing your lack of belief in your ability to change) or
3. You have fallen 100% for the visual and alphabetic culture of our time and are not connecting with other ways of communicating

Firstly, I can tell you that I have seen dramatic changes happen in minutes from people who thought they could never do it and it can happen for you. Secondly, it is a sign of out time that we ignore the physicality of presentation and it is time to readdress it with some expertise. Here are some ideas that may shed a new light on an old problem:

Did you know that the Greco-Romans designed their presentation spatially? Each area of information was a room and each room was furnished. Thinking in this way helps you remember where you are in a presentation and all the points you would like to make. It also makes sense for the audience to follow your moves and anchor information.

TIP: Spatially design your presentation

Did you know that working with the air in your voice is a primal exchange that creates a sense of respect and trust? Traditionally Hawaiians and Polynesians greet each other by touching nose-to-nose, but more importantly, they inhale and share each other’s breath – this is called honi (the Hawaiian word for kiss). Foreigners, not knowing the local customs, do not practice honi and so have been described as “breathless”. The implication here is that not only are foreigners aloof and ignorant of local ways, but also that they literally have no spirit or life within. We have lost this knowledge today and need to get back in touch with air flow and escaping air.

TIP: In presentation you need to keep the breath flowing and even let the air escape to show you care

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