Arnold, Frank Zane, Bob Kennedy,Enzymes and Their Importance in Your Diet – Part III

Bob then asked “where I got my research and who these doctors were. I gave him my sources and he then quickly excused himself and disappeared into his office. I was bombarded by questions by the inquisitive staff and spent the next couple of hours explaining the deeper aspects of nutrient deficient diets, their effects and how one might combat them.

I eventually left the MuscleMag offices reflecting on the current state of bodybuilding, with the overblown bodybuilders due to drug abuse and the recent rash of sociological, psychological, and physiological problems facing the bodybuilder industry. I remembered how Dr. Pottenger pointed out in his numerous animal studies that every species fed an enzyme deficient diet developed all of the same symptoms that plague society today.

Bodybuilders being on the Extreme end of pushing the limits and requirements for enzymes seem to be the hardest hit although the mainstream population isn’t far behind. Considering the widespread rise of genetic diseases, and conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer could these conditions be reversed if someone took massive dosages of digestive enzymes?

Dr. Howell, and Dr. O’Brien have both used massive dosages of Enzymes to successfully treat a host of genetic conditions as well almost hopeless cases of advanced illness. Dr. O’Brien’s most famous patient was none other than Dr. Bernard Jensen who after being written off with an incurable state of Prostate cancer made a complete recovery in just 8 weeks and 1 day after being subjected to a massive dosage of enzyme protocol under the supervision of Dr. O’Brien.

During this time Dr. Jensen went from a weight of 78 pounds to a bodyweight of 145 in just 8 weeks and made a full and miraculous recovery. The documented and story is illustrated in Bernard Jensen’s book “Come Alive”. In chapter 13 of the book, Dr. Jensen recounts the story with full pictures of his remarkable recovery.

If a full recovery can be made from and advanced state of disease by one person using enzymes it would seem that there may be a case for enzyme deficiency being a contributing factor in the prevention of disease.

Part VII Enzymes And High Performance Athletes

The next question is Can High Performance Athletes benefit from Mega Dosages of digestive enzymes to enhance metabolism, nutrient absorption, recovery, muscle mass and most of all improved performance?

I believe that Athletes can benefit from high dosages and there is reason to believe that Enzymes just might be the next wave of performance enhancers. Considering the rash of injuries in Prostate Protocol professional sports, the increasing demands of training, as well as the tighter regulations around drug testing it seems that Enzymes just might be the answer the pro sports current challenges.

Recently I worked with a team of scientists from the top enzyme manufacturing company in the world to develop and enzyme product that would address the needs of athletes who required increases in muscle mass, strength, power, and speed.

We focused on developing an enzyme that emphasized the various proteases too improve protein digestion and absorption since the primary focus of hard training athletes is to recover, repair, and grow new muscle and that requires protein. Most injuries are the body’s way of telling the athlete that they are over trained due to lack of recovery. Protein absorption is of prime concern for power, strength, and even endurance athletes.

The second part of the equation was the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, which required a solid portion of amylase then enzyme required for digesting carbohydrates.

The third part required lipase and enzyme that enables a person to digest and absorb fats, which are required for the production of various hormones and for the optimum functioning of the nervous system.

These enzymes were then combined with the precise amount of enzyme precursors, stabilizers, and other critical enzymes to maximize the effectiveness and potency of the formulation. The result was the first every high performance enzyme product called Masszymes.

Although only a tiny batch was produced and given to a small group of elite athletes including myself, the results were shocking to say the least. Individuals reported not only gains in lean body mass, but incredibly fast recovery rates, improved endurance, loss of body fat, and a greater ability to stick with calorie-reduced diets.

What’s even more remarkable is the test athletes also reported an improved sense of wellbeing, lack of sugar cravings, improved skin conditions, and even improved cognitive abilities.

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