Do Graphic Designers Make Good Money UK?

It’s a lot easier than you might think to earn money online designing! There are so many great educational tools out there to get you started in the process, and the number of job boards makes it easy to connect with clients. If you’re a creative individual, maybe graphic design is something you can get into.

1. Make Pre-Made Logo Packages

Similar to creating and selling templates, you could create and sell a wide variety of different logos that are already set up as vectors.

This is a popular way that many smaller businesses that can’t afford personalized branding packages create their own logos. All they have to do is open the design file and swap out the words and colours, and voila, they have their own new logo.

2. Sell Customized Branding Packages

Branding is one of the other high-ticket services that you can offer as a graphic designer, as these can cost up to $4000 if you’re in high demand.

These packages include a personalized logo, colour scheme, fonts, patterns, and other similar items that help brands define themselves.

3. Create and Sell Printables

Passive income for graphic designers is easy to come by if you create and sell printables online through a platform like Etsy. You could make printables for teachers, students, travellers, literally anything that you can think of!

The great thing about printables is that they are a digital product, so all you have to do is automate your process to immediately send a PDF version of the printable once it’s purchased. You don’t even have to worry about shipping.

4. Work With Clients As A Freelancer

Working with clients is a great route to take if you like a variety of tasks to work on.

By working with clients, you could be designing logos one day and then helping with the layout design of a printed magazine the next. More information on finding these jobs can be found further down in this article..

Where to Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find jobs using online resources. Below are a few of the best places to search if you’re wondering where to find a graphic design job.


When I was first wondering how to become a freelance graphic designer, this is where I looked.

Upwork provides an easy-to-use interface where you can create your own profile, set your rates, and connect with clients from around the world. Plus, contracts are all made for you, and you can always guarantee that you’ll get paid under Upwork’s protection policy.


Similar to Upwork, Fiverr is another popular online freelancing platform that works the opposite way.

On Fiverr, the freelancer creates pre-made packages for services with a set price, usually starting at $5 and having tiered prices going up after that. There are tons of graphic design packages that you could make on this website. Learn more about making money on Fiverr here.


Flexjobs is one of the best websites out there to find remote work-from-home positions. There are usually around 1,000 graphic design positions on this website at a time, ranging between a whole bunch of different industries, so you can choose what you’re most interested in.

Facebook Groups

Believe it or not, but Facebook Groups are a great place to try to find open positions for graphic designers. There are many nomadic job groups and freelance groups where you can find posts daily of people who are looking for help.

Just remember always to do your research and make sure that a posting is legit before applying.


This social media platform is often overlooked as a great spot to find freelance jobs, but their jobs posting board has a fair amount of freelance gigs.

LinkedIn is also a great place to go to connect with other small business owners who may require your services in the future.

How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?

The average graphic designer will make approximately $45,000 per year, but that’s if they work full-time hours. This equates to about $22 per hour, but this can quite obviously change depending on a designer’s skill level, specializations, education, and more.

If you want to make money as a graphic designer, I recommend that you create fixed-price packages for your services rather than working by the hour.

This way, you can account for all overhead expenses that may occur during the process, and often clients prefer that you do fixed price so that they know how much it’s going to cost them in total.

Working as a freelance graphic designer

Remember, as a graphic designer, it’s pertinent to let your client know the number of revisions that you will make per deliverable or else you could quickly be taken advantage of. I recommend allowing two revisions maximum and putting it in your contract with the client for precaution.

When I do hourly work, I charge at the minimum $25 per hour but have had some clients where I’ve charged up to $40. It truly varies, and as a freelancer, you can also sometimes ask your client what their budget is before you give them a hard number for your rate.

Tips For Being Successful as a Graphic Designer

To be a successful graphic designer, there are a few guidelines that you should hold yourself to.

  • Be Realistic

The first essential thing is being realistic about what you can accomplish, and holding yourself accountable to any deadlines and agreements. Don’t give yourself deadlines that you don’t think you can easily make, and always be in communication with your client in case something comes up.

  • Create Contracts

If you find that you’re working outside of a platform like Upwork and you’ve managed to snag a client of your own, always make sure that you create a contract for legal reasons.

Some of the best websites for storing and creating these include And.Co and Honeybook. PayPal Business is also a viable option.

  • Stay On Top of Industry Trends

With any creative service-based business, you must stay on top of what’s currently popular. You don’t want to create something for your client that isn’t going to appeal to today’s audience unless it’s genuinely what your client wants.

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