Oppo A53 – A New Twist in the Refresh Rate

Oppo A53 TV for review will cover a range of features that Oppo’s new series of televisions will offer to their customers. At the heart of the brand’s latest offering is an effort to bring consumers closer to the action with its slim design and extraordinary clarity. The slim design of the Oppo A53 is part of a marketing campaign, which also sees the company coming out with cutting edge television technology. With the A53, Oppo aims to put itself ahead of its competitors in the home television industry by packing in an impressive range of features into one small and powerful box. The result is a TV that’s smaller, lighter and better built than ever before, delivering incredible performance ppo a53.

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Like all of the new generation smartphone devices, the Oppo A53 comes with an external keyboard dock connector which offers a selection of handwriting recognising soft-keys. With an ultra fast 90-Hz refresh rate, you are able to watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows, play games, listen to music and even chat with friends. Equally at home on the go, the Oppo A53 is a complete connectivity assistant. With a fully functional Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology, the A53 allows you to easily transfer media between your smartphone and television with a single cable connection. With a Dazzle of Light 3D LED screen, you are able to view the vivid reflection of moving light through curved screen walls, mirroring the real world around you.

In this Oppo A53 review we will take a closer look at the Oppo A53’s built in screen protector, as well as how the phone’s user interface is enhanced by its quick launch apps and multi-tasking features. The phone’s design oozes class and style. At first glance, the two wide icons in the primary screen would suggest a very basic approach to smartphone aesthetics. However, upon closer inspection, these simple black squares that sit below the capacitive key on the top beige colored icons offer much more than the average smartphone. For example, the power and volume keys are smoothly etched into the glass along with a satisfying pressure sensitive home button. The touch sensitive keyboard also responds instantly when you press on it.

The phone comes packaged with a free app called Blast. This fun and entertaining application allow you to throw items at the air. Upon retrieval, the items fly straight to your Facebook feed for you to enjoy. Upon tapping on one of the flying items, a cute little character with a heart balloon comes to life and dances delightfully for you to enjoy. This fun little app makes the experience a little more human than the average android handset.

With strong and crisp sound coming from its built-in stereo-speaker setup, the Oppo A53 review ends right here. With a robust dual core 1.5 gig processor, the phone easily handles all the multitasking and multimedia tasks thrown at it. In fact, it even handles video recording and play back flawlessly. The camera has also received favourable reviews with both good and bad feedback coming from users. In fact, it can be said that the camera performs well when it comes to face shots, outdoor scenes, as well as indoor ones.

The Oppo A53 review concludes with a positive note on the power of its Smartech processor. It makes the battery life of this smartphone last quite long and with ease. The dual core processor ensures that the performance of the device is not impacted with frequent shutdown and reboot. In fact, it can be said that this smartphone has the potential to perform well even in the most intensive tasks that a mobile device can throw at it.

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