Promotional Polo Shirts – Some Tips on How to Get it Right

Promotional polo shirts can help promote your company for a long time & there are lots to choose from. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

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Promotional items come in all shapes and sizes from biros to bathrobes but they all share a common purpose, they exist to help promote a company or its brand or to influence public perception of that brand. Clothing items such as Polo Shirts make a great choice for promotional use as they are personal, visible and long lasting – all of which provides good advertising and the potential for a good return on your initial investment เสื้อโปโล.

There are numerous applications for Promotional Polos: They can be handed out at exhibitions to prospective clients or can form part of a redemption campaign, they can be issued to staff within a distributor network to help raise awareness or used within your own workforce as part of a corporate incentive program.

Wherever and however they are to be used, there are a few things that you should bear in mind:

Do – Choose a good quality garment. After all, a promotional garment is there to advertise your company or brand or deliver your message and people only tend to wear clothing that they like. No-one will want to wear a cheap looking Polo just because it has your company name on – give them some encouragement to wear it as often as possible by choosing a good quality garment. If you don’t believe me, just think of those branded Tees and Polo Shirts that languish at the bottom of your wardrobe, only fit to wash the car in or wear in the back garden – see what I mean?

More wear, equals more exposure for your brand, so choose wisely.

Do – Select a style and colour of Polo that’s in keeping with your promotion and your target audience. Promotional Polo Shirts are now available in a wide variety of styles – mens, womens, childrens, in Cotton, Polyester/Cotton or technical ‘moisture wicking’ Polyester. In plain colours, striped, patterned, with piping or contrast panels, with fabric in Pique, Interlock, Jersey, Rib or Herringbone knit. Two, three or five button plackets, some with pockets or side vents and in casual or fitted styles.

Whatever your aspirations, with the right supplier and a suitable budget, you’re bound to find what you need and if not, there is always the possibility of having a Promotional Polo Shirt manufactured bespoke.

Don’t – Overbrand! There was a time when big and bold was best for promotions but nowadays, apart from a few exceptions, most people don’t want to feel like they are actually being used as a walking billboard (even if that’s what they are). Promotional branding can be delivered in many ways, so try to make sure that yours is in tune with the expectations of your target market – bold or subtle, accordingly.

Do – Choose the right type of embellishment for your Promotional Polo Shirts. Whilst most T-shirts tend to be printed, most Polo Shirts tend to be embroidered and embroidery does add a feeling of quality.

There’s nothing wrong in mixing embroidery with print and you will often see garments that are printed on the chest and embroidered on the back but talk to your supplier for specific advice; they will be able to recommend what can be achieved with your logo/design and what’s viable to produce.

Do – Select the right packaging. There are a number of ways in which garments can be supplied, at their most simple Polo Shirts can be bulk packed (loose) in the box or they can be individually bagged (which looks far better for presentation) but there are other options as well, depending on your timeline and budget.

Don’t – Leave it until the last minute! The chances of something going wrong are much greater and the embarrassment of a failed campaign and all of the missed opportunities are just not worth the hassle.

If your requirements are fairly simple, then a supplier may be able to turn your order around quickly or offer you the option of an express service but if not then bear in mind that there may be 50 other clients ahead of you in the queue. Most suppliers will do their best to help but no supplier will want to jeopardise other work, simply because of poor planning on your part.

For a new promotional project or campaign, try to allow at least a month (if not two) before the deadline – final production may only take a matter of days but allowing time beforehand will help you to choose a suitable Polo, discuss branding, receive the sample/s and approve them in good time.

A bespoke Promotional Polo will take considerably longer – anywhere between 2 to 6 months, depending on where the garments are being manufactured and whether they are being transported in by air or sea.

Do – Choose an established supplier and provide them with as full and complete a brief as possible, including any deadline or launch date. Bear in mind that a sketchy, one line brief won’t help the supplier to help you.

Armed with the right information, a professional supplier will use their industry knowledge to help you achieve your promotional goals. They will advise you which Polo Shirts & which forms of branding are viable and make proposals in line with the budget you have available.

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