Hotels of Quality in Dublin City

In the late 1990s, the Irish economy suddenly grew in a way which made the city of Dublin one of the most bankable prospects for people looking to launch a business or expand an existing one. The phenomenon was dubbed the “Celtic Tiger” and it changed the face of Ireland in a way which took many by surprise. From a situation where Ireland was frequently patronised, and where Dublin was considered to be at best an option for a drinking weekend by many, it became somewhere that a lot of people wanted to set up home.

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Although the Celtic Tiger has been somewhat tamed by the same global recession which has brought many economies low, its effects are still seen today. Nowhere are they more obvious than in the capital city, which retains the fruits of the aforementioned investment. With the financial boom came a rise in tourism to Dublin, and connected to that rise was a need to build more hotels. While some of the newly built hotels were chosen for their ability to attract visitors by promising low rates and ensuring maximum occupancy, the increased prosperity in Dublin meant that there was also a demand for more opulent surroundings luxury homes in miami.

As a consequence, for anyone who wants to visit and spend their holiday in luxury and comfort, there is a choice of Dublin hotels that offer more than simply a bed for the night. Dublin has always had a few prestigious hotels – as the capital city of Ireland it has had to cater to visitors from within Ireland and beyond. One of the most famous is the Gresham hotel – a regular and reliable choice for the moneyed visitors to the capital city, as well as Dublin natives who fancied spending a night or two somewhere really special. Latterly, Jury’s Hotel has also become popular with the same crowd.

In addition to the vaunted hotels which have been there since before the Celtic Tiger roared, there are additional hotels which have been built to take advantage of that increase in capital. Dublin has been attractive to visitors since before then, of course, but the economic boom increased the volume considerably. Since then, the tourists visiting the city have become a mix of history and literature buffs keen to see the sites of specific interest that the city houses, and day-trippers or people on a long weekend to enjoy the increased nightlife options which have grown in the city.

There are Dublin hotels to cater for all wallets and all preferences, and at the higher end of the market they are characterised by a central location which puts you within easy walking distance of the museums and tourist sights as well as the pubs and clubs. Although the economic boom time has been consigned to history, Dublin is not about to go back to the days before it. There is plenty to see and do here, and there are several options for those who want to see it and do it in style.

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