Free Blog Templates for WordPress – Easy Ways to Get a Great Looking Blog for Nothing

It’s always amazes me how much time I spend actually just looking for new interesting designs for my blog installations. I actually just had a funny conversation with a marketing partner of mine this morning, where I confessed I might have a repressed artist living somewhere not too far away from my subconscious mind, because while I’ve made my reputation as a marketing mind, I find myself becoming more fascinated by the design side of the street in recent days, weeks, and months nulled theme for wordpress.

Masterstudy 4.1.3 Nulled-Education Center WordPress Theme - Technology Shout

The truth is, most of my sites are now running “premium” WordPress themes, which means I’ve purchased a license to run a theoretically higher grade, more aesthetically pleasing look and feel on my blogs. The truth is, I hate to say after buying so many of these things, that there are an absolutely amazing array of absolutely FREE blog templates for WordPress, and if you simply spend 30 minutes one afternoon, you will have more options than you know what to do with.

Many of the premium designers I mentioned above, have reasonably facsimiles of their paid themes, in “almost” equally as attractive free ones they released before getting recognized and rewarded with paid templates. As WordPress is open source software, there is actually a fair amount of “confusion” as to weather ALL themes should legally all be free! And for bloggers like us, that of course is a good thing. (Not so much if you are a very talented designer though!)

My advice to you is simply search for, and through the various free theme markets that will be readily available to you one short mouse click away. And then pick and choose to your hearts content! But remember, as I mention above…if your goal is really to make MONEY with your site, the design, at the end of the day, has FAR less to do with how well you’ll do, than you think! Create great content, and the dollars will follow, I promise!

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