Finding Easy and Safe Ways to Change Light Fixture

When it deals with electricity, you must be extra careful as it can be dangerous for you. You must have ever heard that electricity can send people to death. As changing lighting fixture is part of our daily life, we want to give you some tips for safety while you are performing the job.

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Actually, it is an easy job to change the light fixture. The first thing you have to do is to turning off the circuit breaker for the room where you want to change the light. This one is the most important thing that we take it in number one. If you have hanging-type light to be changed, then you can remove the light bulbs from the fixtures Wire Crimp Pull Tester. On the other hand, for a flush-mounted fixture, you need to loosen and remove the nuts on the shade or lamp enclosure and unscrew light bulbs.

With your fingers, you can start loosening the mounting nuts on fixture base-plate. Also, you might use pliers if the nuts are stuck. If the base-plate is screwed into mounting plate, you can use a screwdriver. Now you can pull the base-plate away from the mounting plate to expose wiring.

Next thing you have to do is to remove wire nuts. You can do this by twisting them counter-clockwise. After that, you can untwist wires and then pull the existing fixtures down from the wall or ceiling and set it aside. Take a circuit tester to ensure which wire is hot, which one is neutral. One more thing, notice the color of the wires twisted together in the old fixture.

Now, consider the new fixture and hold it up to mounting plate to check clearance. Ensure that the mounting bolts are sufficient. You need to adjust the cross bar, if the base-pale of the new fixture comes in distinct shape. The next thing you have to do, you can twist three wires of new fixture onto the compatible house wires, switching the clockwise and screw on wire nuts clockwise. Then, push the base-plate of new fixture into the mounting bolts and thread on nuts.

Note that the nuts are fixed tightly. Now you can screw in one light bulb and switching on the circuit breaker for test wiring. One last thing, you can switch off the circuit breaker after you have done with test wiring. Then, fasten the mounting bolts and screw in all light bulbs. Finally, we hope this article useful for you.

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