Video And Internet Marketing

Video is one of the most spectacular ways to market on the Internet, just as it is in the movie business; broadband is helping through its faster crisper speeds. More users are able to view and download video, making YouTube and other video sharing websites massively popular.

We watch video, movies and T.V. to be entertained, it captures the power of the imagination but now, more so than ever we can produce our own videos, video-reviews, infomercials or anything we please as long as it can be caught on video youtube video mp4 downloader.

Does that mean we have to become a budding Steven Spielberg’s, or produce our version of Friends, NO, but it also doesn’t mean our videos have to be boring or comedy sketches. Charisma, personality, flow and quality do have to be present. Video marketing for the 21st Century is somewhere all businesses should be promoting themselves.

YouTube is one of the top three most visited websites in the world such is the attraction and power of a video for Internet marketing. The rise in popularity of video sharing sites should therefore not be a surprise; technology has caught up to the established formats for watching video.

People generally don’t visit video sites to watch a bunch of commercials. At the same time a full on “BUY ME” video is probably not what their looking for there and then. The range of video to be used and where to place them on your site is key.

Now let’s say, we all want to make a video series with a boat load of free goodies, have it go viral and make a chunk of money. Sounds great but really all you have there is a video series, even with a list you need to promote it to sell it and you can’t just use the video’s from the series and attach a sign saying “buy this now”. With big enough lists there will probably be a few takers, but after a load of hard work you want better success than that.

Some people respond better to video, really helping to get your point across to

people who don’t read well, or people who really hate to read and want to have it explained while they watch the video.

The versatility of video marketing is phenomenal, there should be a no fear attitude adopted when producing your videos; don’t think about not looking good; it’s all about your presentation and where you decide to place the videos. With a video camera (preferably MP4), microphone or web cam with a microphone, screen capture software, you can make your own, whether you want to be on- screen or off-screen, the choice is yours.

Have you ever heard this? “If your product is a dog training DVD, you can post a couple of samples from it. Showing how to teach a dog to sit, another showing how to teach a dog to heel.”

It really doesn’t matter what your videos are about, if you have a business you can make videos promoting the company and products and services almost immediately. Keeping your customers up to date with a video from time to time may be all that is needed to maintain a good relationship. Definitely worth looking into

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