Constipation Medicine

Constipation medicine is the remedy for people who often find themselves suffering from constipation. The constipation medicine that people look for depend upon various factors. One of the most common side effects of laxative use is diarrhea. This is a condition where the stools are often hard and dry and do not fit in the typical stools. Diarrhea occurs when the colon absorbs liquid too quickly. As a result, the stool will be small and dry.

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While there are many constipation medicine available in the market, the bulk-forming laxative is one of the most popular laxatives. Bulk-forming laxatives are often used to treat children with constipation. As the name suggests, bulk-forming laxatives force the bulk of the stool to come out instead of the water or moisture absorbed during the passing of the stool. They also help in restoring the normal digestive process. Some of the common ingredients of this constipation medicine include acrylics, sodium bicarbonate, hydroxyisostetate, hydrochlorthiazide, and magnesium hydrochloride isilax bimbi.

Some common side effects of constipation medicine include gas, bloating, nausea, heartburn, and diarrhea. However, these are mild effects and can be easily treated using over-the-counter drugs or natural remedies. Severe cases may require the use of prescription drugs like laxatives. Though constipation is a common side effect of over-the-counter medicines, prescription medications are required when constipation is due to a more serious condition like an intestinal obstruction, cancer or ulcer. When a patient uses prescription medicines regularly, he will not have to suffer from the constipation symptoms for long. However, prolonged use of constipation medicines may also have some side effects.

Natural remedies like fruits and vegetables are considered a better option than prescription drugs for constipation. These remedies help you relieve constipation permanently by increasing the volume of stool through the digestive system. It helps restore the normal digestive process and prevents relapse of the symptoms of constipation. Some of the common ingredients of such remedies are aloe vera, slippery elm, fennel, ginger, oxalate, magnesium, licorice, rhubarb, psyllium husk, fenugreek, calcium, iron, and fiber.

Colon cleansing through diet is another way to remove the harmful toxins and bacteria in the colon that causes constipation. A healthy colon can eliminate the excess waste and solid wastes accumulated in the colon and rectum. With regular diets rich in fiber and water, the muscles of the colon can contract effectively and efficiently absorb the nutrient from the food and flush it out of the body. The constipation symptoms can be relieved as the muscles contract. It can also help improve digestion, reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol, and increase the production of digestive juices like bile.

The laxative effect of these herbs help in reducing the frequency of bowel movement and get rid of the uncomfortable feeling caused by chronic constipation. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables which have good digestive properties. Avoid spicy and oily food and drink plenty of water. To get relief from constipation, a patient should always be given an ample amount of time to go to the bathroom.

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