Album Review – Who Is Caribou By Bruce Snaith Of The Vancouver Province

In 2021, Daniel Victor Snaith was named one of the “New Voices” in Canadian Music. This was an award given by the Canadian Music Awards to an up and coming musician that had not yet established a strong following among the general public. The same year, Daniel began work on his debut album as Caribou. He also recorded and released his second album, entitled North Americans, which was well received by both industry insiders and fans of traditional acoustic music.

Description Daniel Victor Snaith is a Canadian singer, guitar player, and songwriter who have also performed under the name Caribou, Manitoba and Daphni. His musical interests include traditional acoustic and folk music, folk metal, pop songs, country songs, bluegrass, punk, and even blues. Snaith’s musical influences include Celtic, folk, Irish, Pentatonic, European pop, and alternative styles. Some of his musical influences are: poppy (particularly Mary Hadley), Old Order, Canadian folk, English folk, and early American country music. He has also been influenced by progressive rock and pop.

Snaith’s musical influences formed the basis for the theme of who is caribou, a film starring Mike Myers and Dan Aykroyd. The film went on to become one of the few Canadian films to win four Academy Awards and was one of the year’s most popular films. It also spawned a successful sequel, Who’s That Lady, which was directed by Canadian actor Chris Murphy. The movie, which was released in the US, featured several popular US musical acts along with some famous Canadian voices such as Don Cherry and Earnie Wright.

Snaith’s voice is best suited for a soft and gentle voice of a child because of his childhood experience of being starved during his own nomadic life. His pronunciation is also slightly disjointed, which is appropriate for his genre. His diction and delivery can be gravelly and nasally, while at other times he may use thick and resonant tones. His diction sometimes falters, giving the listener a slightly uncertain view of what the singer is trying to say. However, this voice strength is balanced out by a nice falsetto which works well with many songs.

One of Snaith’s strengths is his fingerpicking style of playing on the guitar, mostly on the songs White Room and Purple Haze. He also strums with a nylon string acoustic guitar, picking up his nylon string on A Boy’s Life and Some Time In The Sun. His playing in these songs is very clean and melodic. His fingerpicking style really adds some texture to a song.

Most of the musical material on Who Is Caribou is recorded live in front of an audience. The bandleader sings with an Australian accent, much like Mike Myers. He is also quite energetic in the guitar playing and can even sing and play the guitar at the same time. Other songs that feature vocals from Snaith include Hotel California by The Eagles and Here I Am by The Beatles. This album is well worth a listen if you like the acoustic music style of Canadian rock.

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