We Are Caribou – An Alternative Rock Band From Canada

We Are Caribou is a new Canadian band consisting of four young men from Calgary, Alberta. The band has been playing in the Calgary music scene for about a year now and have garnered some popularity locally as well as internationally. They’re currently on tour with Lowlands, Stray Lights, Kaleidoscope, and Islands. The band started as a demo and was known for their fast paced guitar and “we’re tearing the world up” melodies. Since their formation in the spring of 2021 they have steadily built a legion of fans in Canada and the United States.

Our band has four original members but we often times hire guitarists when needed. Our main song writer is Phil Collins from Metronomy and Stray Lights. Phil has a very unique style of writing that draws from his background in metal. Other members consist of Eric Johnson (guitar), Ryan Mahan (bass) and Lucas Younger (drums). We are always open to getting another guitarist in the future if there is a need or a spark We Are Caribou.

What makes We Are Caribou different from other artists is that the lead singer is almost a rock star. Phil Collins is not afraid to let the band get into the more aggressive side of rock. He does this through using double guitar work, alternate tunings, alternate picking, tapping, and even fingerpicking. There are many songs on We Are Caribou that show this side of Phil Collins. For example, “Diva”, “Lossless Love”, “Not Tonight”, and “Hooked on a Feeling” are songs where Phil Collins screams out the lyrics and rips the guitar with his teeth.

The second member of the band is Kyle Gallow who plays bass. He also sings occasionally. Gallow is a young guy from Calgary, Alberta. He recently made a song with producer, Kevin Cruz of Metronomy, which was called “Waters Edge”. Kyle’s favorite song on We Are Caribou is “Strawberries”.

The third member of the band, Dan Briggs, plays drums. He played in several post-punk bands before We Are Caribou. He has played in such diverse projects as Converge, No Age, and Dying Breed. Briggs plays with a unique style of rhythm that draws on the Caribbean jazz music of Brazil. A favorite of Briggs is “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”.

The band started playing together in the early 1990s in Vancouver, British Columbia. They later became successful with their self titled album. The success of We Are Caribou resulted with several well sold records, including their second album We Are Still Goin’ Together. The band is still touring to this day. We Are Caribou is an excellent band with a tight sound that is entertaining.

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