Improve Your Vision the Natural Way! Vision Without Glassses!

Did you know that wearing spectacles and contact lenses will actually ruin your vision in the long run? It is a fact that the billionaire eye-wear industry does not want you to know. The eye-wear industry has successfully managed to engrave in the minds of people, that the best form of vision correction is wearing spectacles and contact lenses. However if you actually do wear lenses for vision correction, you would know that your lenses only got thicker and thicker through the years. This means you needed lenses with greater refractive power over the years to aid your vision. Doesn’t this simple fact prove that your vision has actually deteriorated through wearing spectacles rather than improve?

People are wearing vision corrective lenses a lot more nowadays than they ever did during the past. During the 20th century, it was rare to see children wear spectacles. Spectacles were worn by the old; and that too by a few. But the situation is completely different today. More and more youngsters have no option but to wear corrective lenses Vision 20 reviews due to their poor vision. Walk into a College lecture hall and nearly half the students would be wearing spectacles. What has changed from the past that could have affected our vision? It could safely be said that our lifestyles have changed drastically from the 20th century. Today we live in a fast-paced world with no time for rest and relaxation. At work, we have no choice but to stare at our computer screens for hours on. In college, students have to strain their eyes over textbooks and stare at the blackboards. Life has become all about achievement: meeting deadlines, completing projects, submitting assignments. Life in the 21st century has become a rat race. It is this change in lifestyle that has ruined your vision.

You may wonder how this change in lifestyle could affect your vision. The truth that the eyewear industry does not want you to know is that the number one enemy of your vision is stress. When you are under stress, your eye muscles tense up and your eyes would not focus properly. This will lead to poor vision. However when faced with this form of poor vision, people would usually end up getting themselves spectacles. Does this ‘improve’ their vision? On the contrary, it will damage your vision further.

This is because even though you may have clear vision temporarily, your eyes are still in a state of stress and it is unhealthy for eyes to remain in this stressful condition. What needs to be done in order to truly correct your vision imperfection is to relieve the eyes from their stress. First you need to keep your ‘screen time’ at a minimum. This may be hard when at work, but at least look away from the computer screen every 10-15 minutes. Remember to blink consciously while working at the computer. Many people are so lost in their work, they forget to blink and thus end up with ‘dry eye’. Also learn to plan your daily work, this will help you keep your work stress at a minimum. Life is not about just meeting dead-lines, so have some time for yourself to relax. Meditation, playing an instrument or maybe even listening to some music could help you unwind and relieve some of the work stress. There are also a great number of eye exercises that you could do to naturally improve your vision. Your vision is a priceless gift, so don’t take it for granted. Dedicate a few minutes each day to preserve this beautiful gift.

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