How Would Japanese Labour Export Benefits Us?

Japanese industry is thriving in the global market and in order to benefit from the highly growing economy of Japan, a lot of efforts are being made by the Japanese Government and private businesses to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the labour force in the country. This is one of the most important factors that the Japanese Government has been focusing on in order to improve the overall efficiency of the Japanese economy. The country is striving hard to make itself more competitive by developing the various industries and improving the overall infrastructure in order to improve the quality of life in the country. And one of the major investments in the industrial sector is in the area of the foreign trade. Nowadays, Japan is one of the largest exporters in the world

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One of the most important aspects of Japanese industry is its vast labour force especially in the manufacturing industry and especially in the services sector. There are lots of Japanese people who have been working in different places in different parts of the world but they always return to Japan to work once in their lifetime. And this is because they feel that they have been given good salaries and that they could easily live their lives comfortably with the earnings that they earn from the different jobs that they hold. That is why the Japanese Government along with its private sectors has taken keen interest in improving the conditions of the Japanese labour force so that the domestic market of the country can gain from the increasing exports of the Japanese products around the world. In fact, there are many reasons due to which Japan is able to export its products like the following:

First, it has a big population. The Japanese population is quite strong that is why it is able to produce a large number of products that can be exported. Products like the plastic material, aluminum, textiles and petroleum products can be produced in Japan with the help of labour that is efficient and cheap. The same thing holds true for the electronics and electrical appliances industry in Japan. In fact, they are very famous all over the world for their renowned and reliable supplies of goods like the computer, electricity and the wide range of industrial products like the robots and other manufacturing machines.

Second, Japan also has an advanced technological base. Because of the open economy, Japan has also been able to develop its own unique and high-tech skills in the sphere of technology. These include medical science, information technology, engineering and many others. Hence, it can be safely said that if any of the products that we manufacture in the United States or Europe could offer similar quality and features as those manufactured in Japan, then we would definitely be able to gain from them.

Third, due to the fact that Japan has always had a very low inflation, its products always remain affordable for the common man. Moreover, since it has no large imports and exports, the prices of the products stay relatively low. In other words, the products never depreciate in value. Unlike the products of European and American countries, we do not find a lot of products in Japan that we cannot afford. This is a big reason why Japanese people tend to keep buying more products.

We will be able to gain a lot of benefits from Japanese labour export. However, as mentioned earlier, this requires us to be aware on certain aspects concerning the process of hiring and employing workers in Japan. We have to make sure that we only hire workers that are honest, hard working and have high levels of knowledge about the products that we want to export. We also have to ensure that they are physically fit. As you know, Japan has the most advanced healthcare system in the world and we have to make sure that our workers would be able to cater to our medical needs.

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