Free Traffic Generation: The 3 Most Effective Free Traffic Generation Methods For Online Businesses

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Marketers within the online marketing community frequently overlook many of the free traffic generation methods. The reason for this is that they are always focused on the “next greatest marketing method” like mobile ads, cpv, Facebook marketing etc. Here are the top three free traffic generation strategies that deliver.

Method #1- For Stunning And Highly Effective Marketing videos: The Animoto Web App

If you are familiar with Animoto you would know that were designed to capture images from weddings, birthdays and perfect for event photographers etc. What you may not know is that, animoto is a very effective marketing tool, that you can use to drive highly targeted free traffic to your site(s). This web app was featured in New York Times, USA Today and National Geographic. It will give you the ability to create stunning videos, that can easily be uploaded to YouTube, embedded in your blog, linked to Twitter and even uploaded to Facebook. It is really easy to use. You will easily be able to create stunning videos in five to ten minutes per video!

Method #2- The Largest Question And Answer Site On The Internet: Yahoo! Answers is an amazing site that you can easily leverage to drive free traffic to your site. I would suggest that you create an account with yahoo answers.There are two distinct sides to this site. The question side and the answer side. All that you have to do to generate a formidable amount of free traffic is create an account, start answering questions in your industry and post your affiliates with every fifth answer. For every five questions that you answer, you can post one link. If you exceed this ratio, Yahoo will close your account because they have a bot that reads their sites algorithms. Also, if you can consistently provide their members with clear accurate helpful answers to their questions, their members will vote for you, which will help you to position yourself as an expert within your niche. Your aim is to make it to the top ten list, which will ensure that you are viewed as an authority figure. Answer as many questions as you can because there is a direct correlation between the number of questions that you answer and the money that you will make dark web bitcoin.

Method #3- The Largest Article Directory On The Internet: Ezine Articles

Leveraging EzineArticles is an incredible way to drive enormous amounts of free targeted traffic to your website or blog. Also, every article that you submit will be on the internet forever. Most people in the online marketing community no longer talk about article writing, however; the reason for this is not because it not an effective method for driving traffic. A high percentile of marketers are constantly searching for the “latest and greatest, newest marketing techniques,” which often requires a significant investment of time and money, paired with a steep learning curve. If you are currently trying out all of the latest untested marketing methods, I would suggest that you stop. Start by leveraging content marketing with the article directories. This method is proven and will continue to work as the internet evolves. There is one thing that remains constant as the internet evolves and that is “content is king.”

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