Auto Donations – An Easy and Convenient Way to Get Rid of Your Vehicle

Have a vehicle you no longer want or need?  Not sure what to do with?  Why not participate in a vehicle donation program by a respected charity?  It is a lot easier than trying to sell your old car yourself and charities have made the vehicle donation process super straightforward and effortless for those who want to donate.

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It’s an easy process. When you have decided what charity you would like to donate to, get in contact with them. With a quick and painless phone call, you can have that vehicle you no longer want taken off your hands.  When calling the charity, they will ask you a few easy questions like what type of car you are looking to donate and where it is located. In addition, they will usually offer to set up a time to pick up your vehicle – no need for you to take the time to drive it over to the charity’s location.

Normally within 48 hours of your initial phone call, a towing company will come out to your residence and pick up your vehicle free of charge to you and at your convenience.  Once the charity has your vehicle, they take care of everything – even delivering you the correct paperwork to receive a deduction on your taxes.

When the charity picks up your vehicle, they normally put the vehicle up for sale at a public auto auction – normally within one week of taking the vehicle.  Once the vehicle sells at auction, the proceeds are directly used by the charities to continue their missions and programs จำนำรถยนต์.

Your auto donation makes it possible for charities to put resources in the hands of people who desperately need them – Be it in the form of training, rehabilitation or the vehicle itself.

Donating a car to your favorite charity is easy and convenient. You pick which charity you’d like your car to be donated to and in some cases the specific cause you would like the proceeds to go to and the charity does the rest. So why not change a life for the better by donating your used vehicle today.

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