Create Custom-Made Keepsakes Using Funeral Software

When someone close to our hearts passes away, often we want to hold onto something as a memento of that person’s life. Funeral professionals can easily provide client families these keepsakes including custom-made funeral stationery, DVD tribute videos, funeral candles and remembrance ornaments utilizing funeral software. This robust software is easy to use and affordable. Each item can be personalized in-house using preformatted templates and hundreds of themes for the utmost personalization. Client families will be relieved to know their funeral professional can really handle everything, right down to providing the memorial keepsakes.

Funeral software can help funeral professionals create:

Funeral Stationery
From register books to prayer cards, bookmarks and memorial folders, this funeral software does it all. With an Online Theme Viewer, client families have the opportunity to find just the right theme in the comfort and convenience of their home. A link to the Online Theme Viewer can easily be added to the funeral homes website. Not only will it be more convenient for you but it will show new families how important personalization is to your funeral home.

DVD Tribute Videos
Tribute video software enables the funeral professional to use still photographs the family provides as well as video clips to create a cinematic quality video tribute keepsake. High speed scanning of one photo every two seconds, paired with a large library of licensed music, and the ability to incorporate personal messages from the ของชำร่วยงานศพ family or friends enables a funeral professional to offer client families a great keepsake for those left behind.

Funeral Candles
For hundreds of years, candles have been used at vigils, chapels of rest, funerals and crematoriums to symbolize everlasting life. Personalized memorial candles have been designed and created to be lit at home, or at the funeral or celebration of life services. This type of keepsake can be a wonderful part of a unique tribute saying farewell to someone who has died. If lit at the funeral, the candles can then be given to the family to take home where they can be lit on special days of remembrance and continue to give comfort. Using this funeral software, funeral candles can be personalized with words, a poem or even a picture, and given to the family or the family can give it to other service attendees as a sympathy gift.

Remembrance Ornaments
Keepsake ornaments can serve as a simple token of appreciation for choosing your funeral home, be given in connection with pre-planning or aftercare services, or presented during a holiday remembrance program. Each ornament is easily and quickly personalized in-house with the name and dates of the deceased or any other text you wish to include using our software template and adhesive decals. The funeral software template, labels, and unlimited technical support are provided free of charge with every ornament order. In addition, each ornament comes in an individual gift box for presentation to the family and safekeeping.

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