Brain Food Nutrition – Ultimate Guide

Increasing memory is very similar to enhancing your physique. You have to train, exercise, challenge, stay consistent and eat the right foods. For you couch potatoes, I can hear your hearts beating rapidly all ready, “that sounds like too much work!” Well, unfortunately just sitting in front of the television will not improve your physical appearance or your mental prowess. So for those of you ready to sweat, here is the mental exercise regimen to whip your brain into shape! Over the next few weeks I will be covering four critical parts of training to help those who desire to create a Mega Brain. In the following order you will learn about proper 1) Nutrition, 2) Memory Techniques 3) Brain Exercises and 4) Mood to enhance your mental performance. How the mind processes new information:

1) Pay Attention & Focus

Have you heard the information that you are trying to store clearly? Did you give your 100% effort? These are questions that must be answered with an unwavering “YES”!

2) Concentrate on the Subject

Fixate your mind on the new subject that you are trying to learn for 10 seconds. If the first 2 steps are followed you have already given yourself an excellent chance of recovering the information from your brain. I know this seems like basic common sense but you would be surprised how many people miss this step. I know I have been synapse xt caught daydreaming while listening to a tape and then wonder why later, “Hey I didn’t get any of that”!

3) Recovery

Studies have shown that the brain needs at least 8 seconds to start the process of moving information to the short to long term memory bank. Now that you have transitioned the new information from short to long term memory, you can rest assured that it is stored in that good ole trusty noggin of yours. Organizing your mental storage like a file cabinet, makes it easier for you to access the information for later.


Here is a list of foods that support the antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, mono-unsaturated fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals that your body may need to sustain mega brainpower. Obviously, the older you get the more it becomes essential to establish a healthy habit of eating, as many studies have shown changes in diet may prevent mental illnesses. Again, this sounds very similar to the advice you may hear to attain an overall good bill of health, which should assure you that the mind to body connection is real.

Numerous studies have led researches to believe these vitamins known as antioxidants could help protect your brain cells from free radicals which can help deteriorate your brain. Most experts recommend a range of 400-1,000mg for Vitamin E and 500-1,500 for Vitamin C.

Antioxidants Vitamins C & E Recommended doses 500-1,500mg daily Vitamins C food sources mg per 100 gram of food portion Rose hip extracts 1000 + Blackcurrant 200 Guava up to 200 Strawberry 80 Lemon 60 Orange 50 + Kiwi Fruit 50 + Clementine 40 + Grapefruit 36 + Raspberry 30 + Lychees 30 + Nectarines 30 + Peaches 30 Mangoes 30 Peppers 70 + Spring greens 70 + Brussels sprouts 60 + Broccoli 44 Curly Kale 70 + Gourd 35 + Mange-tout peas 30 + Cauliflower 27 Tomato 20 + Green Cabbage 20 +

Recommended doses 400-1,000mg daily Vitamin E Rich Food Sources mg per 100 gram of food portion Sunflower oil 49 Cottonseed oil 43 Safflower oils 40 Hazelnuts up to 25 Almonds 24 Wheat germ 22mg Rapeseed oil 22 Cod liver oil 20 Mayonnaise 19 corn oil 17 Soya bean oil 16 Peanut oil 15 Pine nuts 13 Popcorn 11 Samosas 10 + Peanuts 10 Margarine up to 8 Brazil Nuts 7 Marzipan 6 + Other spreads 2-6mg Sweet Potato 4.5 Walnuts 3 Egg Yolks 3 + Muesli 3mg Avocado up to 3 Flapjacks 2.8 Sponge Cake 2.4 Battenburg Cake 2.4

Mostly everyone knows what fiber is good for, but do you know that many experts believe fiber may help release toxins not just in your body, but in your brain as well? Many have claimed to feel the benefits of clearer thinking after waste release from their body.

Recommended doses 25 to 30g daily Fiber Food Sources (based on levels per 200-Calorie serving) Corn Bran 22g Fiber Cereal 14g Wheat Bran 12g Oat bran 12g All Bran Cereal 10g Rice Bran 6g

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