Marc Jacobs Splashes – A Review

Cotton, Ivy, Orange, Violet…How does this list relate to Marc Jacobs? It represents a sampling of the Splash Collection by this designer.

According to Perfume-Smellin’ Things, this unisex collection was inspired by Jean Nate’s splash-on fragrances that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Marc Jacobs Splashes first appeared in the fragrance market in 2006, and each scent in this collection represented the essence of each season or a particular plant. For instance, Osmoz, an online fragrance resource, stated that one of the newest members of the Splash 먹튀 Collection, Orange, evoked “the shimmer of leaves seen through other green leaves in the sun (…) the air filled with an explosion of citrus scents.”

What do I think of the Splashes? Overall, many perfume critics have written mixed reviews about them. However, I do wear two scents from this collection, Violet and Ivy, and they both smell fabulous to me. Both fragrances are very light, which makes them perfect for day or evening wear. From personal experience, I have worn plenty of both juices and no one has ever complained to me. Of course, this is what splashes suppose to do; they dry quickly, leaving a light and pleasant scent on one’s body.

Surprisingly, Ivy and Violet can last all day, which is unusual for splashes. I have sprayed each one on my body early in the morning and still smell their scents at the end of my work day. In my opinion, this trait makes them both very sophisticated. This should be expected of fragrances by Marc Jacobs; after all, he is known for his upscale fashion.

All Splashes are housed in sleek bottles with simple cylindrical black caps. You’ll also get plenty of juice. You can buy a 10 oz. bottle for about $65. Marc Jacobs Splashes are meant for everyday use and I recommend them for all men and women. You can find them at fine department stores and perfumeries.

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