Features of the Hunter HPV Series Valves

You know by now how valves operate. You can control the flow of material by opening, closing or partially closing valves. And of course, the flow of material can be anything from liquids to solids to gases. The operation of a valve is simple enough and one wouldn’t think that such an object could easily fail. Unfortunately, many do. It’s not that valves suddenly explode; rather, corrosion can affect them over time rendering them effective in the short-term but very unstable in the long-term. Therefore, the Hunter HPV series of valves aims to address many of these irrigation contractors’ pet peeves.

First, the Hunter HPV series of valves offers solid construction with a rigid internal support in order to protect against stress failure. Yes, even valves get stressed under pressure! There is also a captive diaphragm and solenoid plunger, which allows for enhanced durability and protection against leaks. Tight bonnet screws ensure that lost parts don’t compromise the safety of the system while the internal manual bleed 안전토토사이트 technology makes sure that the valve box is dry. Flow control is another important facet in comparing valve systems. The Hunter HPV series offers optional flow control so you can adjust the flow of each individual zone.

What really makes the Hunter HPV series of valves unique however is the porting system. This system filters dirty water from the flow while slowly closing the valve so that it can suppress water hammer. You can consider this a sort of self-flushing filtering system. This port system also has low flow capability to make for effective drip applications.

The Hunter Company recommends the Hunter HPV series for residential irrigation systems, as well as light commercial applications. This system is powerful enough to be professional but economic so as to fit the budget of most homeowners. The dirty water filter is what truly sets this valve system apart from the rest. As always, the Hunter Company is innovative new solutions in landscaping as it has been since 1981. Hunter is a brand name that you can trust whether you’re shopping for nozzles and sprayers or a highly complex valve and controller system.

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