The Vital Element

The vital element is honesty, fully integrated honesty to be exact. Without that element, everything is fuzzy math to be exact. I remember when I was a boy trying to understand and grasping, my Dad kept it pretty simple, yet it was the most complicated thing in the world: “Life is nothing if you are not honest with yourself, do not try to fool your own mind, you pay the ultimate price for it.” We all want to fool ourselves when it seems convenient. Is it worth it, though? Ultimately it is not, that is why I start and end this article with the vital element instead of giving you all kinds of hyperbole that sounds good, but, means nothing.

The only real judge there is in reality, is genuine objective honesty on all sides. All the rest of it is subjectively Vitalflow meaningless. Without that basic honesty, pack those bags and go to the real fantasy land that anything irrational can happen in.

The biggest lie is that we can get away with being dishonest with ourselves without consequences or dues to pay. In fact, some people would imply that lying is the lowest order of creativity, and compromise on principles is even lower in honest reality and honestly genuine judgement. Anyhow, I originally heard that “lying is the lowest order of creativity” quote from the Scientology works of L. Ron Hubbard or La Fayette Ronald Hubbard. Ironically, the only real short quick way could be the long way anyway when honestly judged, measured and thought about. Any Rube Goldberg “easy” cartoon shows that with distinct reality that is unmistakable. Without the vital element, all life may as well be as worthless as a Rube Goldberg cartoon way of doing things “with a thousand easy steps that are harder than just going from point “A” to point “B” and “that is all, it is done”.

So, the opposite of positively honest reality in my judgement is negatively mystical lying, especially to yourself. Sure, I could seem less extreme, but what would it be worth to compromise and take the short cut that ultimately will not work even if it temporarily does for a little while? Ultimately nothing. On the other note, what if taking the unrelentingly honest path leads to ultimate and permanent success that is real? That is worth everything. So, that in a nut shell is what I mean by honesty, especially with yourself, is the vital working element in conscious existence.

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