WoW Hunter Guide – The Best Solo Hunter Build For Fast Leveling in World of Warcraft

Without a doubt, the Hunter is the easiest class to level fast in World of Warcraft, but you can increase the Hunter’s edge substantially by paying attention close attention to the talent tree. So here are my suggestions for the best hunter build for leveling solo as fast as possible.

When it comes to some of the other classes, such as the Druid or Paladin, there are almost too many options that could lead to great results so a little action paralysis can take hold if you’re trying to sort out your WoW character build. Fortunately, you have it pretty easy as a hunter, because the beast mastery talent tree is by far the preferred choice to start creating the best solo hunter build for your character. There’s no contest.

The big difference between WoW hunters and other classes in World of Warcraft is the hunter’s unique ability to command 안전토토사이트 pets. And the pets provide not only their great tanking abilities, but some of them, such as the cat, are significant damage dealers as well.

You get your first pet at level 10. There are all kinds of pets to choose from so you should select a pet that you like. There really isn’t a “best” pet as such, so don’t worry about that too much. Just choose one that you find fun as long as it has the features that you prefer — whether that is better armor for tanking or increased DPS.

Beast Mastery Talent Tree

Since the Pet is the hunter’s primary advantage, you’ll want to spend your talent points making the most of it and that means spending most of your points in the Beast Mastery tree.

The “must haves” for the Beast Mastery tree are, in my opinion:

  • Bestial Swiftness
  • Unleashed Fury
  • Improved Mend Pet
  • Ferocity
  • Intimidation
  • Frenzy

I like anything that reduces restoration time so that’s why I’m a fan of picking talents that cut mana cost. Bestial Swiftness increases your pet’s outdoor speed (always a good thing) and the rest will be useful for DPS.

Marksmanship Tree

While you’ll be spending most of your talent points in Beast Mastery, don’t neglect your rifle and bow. Be certain to spend some points on marksmanship as well as this will make your far more formidable.

I like Efficiency for reducing my mana cost, and also Lethal Shots for a nice increase in critical strike. After that spend the points where you like.

You can pretty much safely skip anything on the Survival tree. If you really want to come up with the best solo hunter build, then you’ll want to concentrate most of your points on Beast Mastery and put the rest into Marksmanship. Done properly, no one will get near you often enough to make Survival talents necessary.

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